FIATFriday, Jul. 23, 2010He wants to impose 西服American-style standards. But too much work is 網路行銷going to kill our workers. · 售屋網 NELLO NIGLIO, · 吳哥窟 an Italian factory worker, on Fiat's 結婚西裝plans for improving productivity to keep up with 房屋貸款global competition 一位汽車工人說:他想把車子做成美國租辦公室規格, 太多工作會把我門的工人折麼到….義大利FIAR計畫帛琉把她們的車子做到全球化,但是這樣一來可把工人累各半俗新成屋!Read more: 澎湖民宿,26174,2006167,00.html#ixzz0uZotX0FW


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